Multimythic Media is an independent media production company based in Ashland, Oregon. Multimythic Media was founded in 2011 by Sangye Ince-Johannsen, while he was working toward an undergraduate degree in Anthropology with a minor in Video Production at Southern Oregon University. Having completed his studies as an Honor student with Summa Cum Laude recognition in June 2012, Sangye is now dedicating most of his time to creative and professional multimedia projects in the Ashland area.

The Campbellian monomyth suggests that all narratives share one essential mythos. Au contraire, thought Sangye, there is a multiplicity of stories to be told, and each has a place among all the rest. It is in this line of thought that Multimythic Media was born, as a company that aspires to tell the stories left untold, and to fit them into the context of competing and coexistent narratives.

Multimythic Media specializes in the development of high quality digital videos for creative, musical, promotional, commercial, non-profit, political, advocacy, and education-related needs. Multimythic Media is presently mostly Sangye’s undertaking, though he is delighted at any opportunity to collaborate with other local filmmakers, as well as other artists, actors, activists, musicians, and the otherwise creatively-inclined. For every multimedia need, we’re prepared to contract work to whatever independent professionals might be required to supplement our own abilities, toward developing highest quality end-products for a broad clientele.